About the Iberia Development Foundation

The Iberia Development Foundation (IDF) was founded in 2011 as a 501c3 Non-Profit foundation to perform community and economic development activities within Iberia Parish. One of our activities is to provide assistance to businesses and individuals to develop and enhance their best business practices.  Iberia Parish is one of Louisiana’s most at risk parishes to the threat of hurricanes.  To help our local small businesses “weather the storm”, we offer programs and assistance pertaining to disaster preparedness and recovery. IDF has been a dependable partner to the Iberia Parish Town of Delcambre throughout the town’s efforts to recover following the devastation of hurricane Rita.

The Iberia Development Foundation has also partnered with other regional and statewide foundations in the development and operation of three local produce cooperative greenhouses. These facilities primarily grow produce for sale at numerous farmers markets in Iberia Parish. We have also instituted and maintain a coupon food distribution program that assists low income residents and senior citizens in purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables at the local farmers markets.